Since the publication of the first edition of Administrative Law in Context in 2008, it has been adopted in administrative law classes across the country, introduced new readers to the field, informed debates among scholars and practitioners, and cited at every level of court proceeding, including the Supreme Court of Canada. The volume has contributed, as we had hoped, to the growing recognition that administrative law happens outside the courtroom—in government departments, agencies, boards, commissions and tribunals—affecting the experience of all those involved in the administrative justice system.

Apart from emphasizing the context of administrative law on the ground, an additional goal was to create an accessible, readable text that reflects the many perspectives in administrative law. We are proud to include in this volume scholars and teachers in administrative law from across Canada, with some of the most experienced voices in the field, as well as some new ones.

Because administrative law is ever evolving, a further goal was to create a flexible, living text. To this end, the book is accompanied by this website where both students and teachers can find edited and full-text cases for each chapter; recommendations for additional readings; and important additions, clarifications, and updates to the published text. Although every chapter in the volume has been substantially revised for the second edition (and two new chapters have been added), we have also revamped the website with new cases, commentaries, and resources. We hope this format will continue to do justice to the dynamic nature of the field.